Monday, March 30, 2009

A Guessing Competition!

A frightening thing happened on Friday ... my eldest turned 11! He informed me that he is now a "tween". You see, he's not a kid, and he's not a teenager, he's in-be-"tween". And I'd have to agree with him! Each of our kids has a party every second year (you kinda have to do that with 4 kids!!) and as Ryan had his "big"party last year he had one special friend come and sleep over for this birthday. As per tradition, the kids also get their choice of dinner so we indulged in KFC followed by birthday cake with the family (and Sam). So here's where the guessing competition comes in. I had a bit of a shocker with the cake - runny icing, crumbly cake and just a down-right-difficult cake to make! (I might revise my rules about the kids choosing any cake they want!!) So here's a pic, can you guess what it is?? And no, it's not a Viking ship as my grandfather thought (I'll put that down to him being 81!) So leave a comment, first correct answer wins a prize!

Here's a few more pics from the day. I just love this next one as it really shows the difference between my boys ... Jake up and dressed and ready for school and Ryan still with bed head, sleepy eyes and his new shirt thrown over the top of his PJs.

The presents ... oh boy were there presents ... it was like christmas - thanks Noonie!!

And lastly, the cake I made to take to school - far more successful! I know they say don't play with your food, but this was just too cute. Apparently it was a hit with the kids.


Scrapin Mel said...

Andrew wants to know what he wins first before he divulges his thoughts but said it could be a hot dog. Jacob reckons a banana split and I thought it was a pirate ship before i read your blog. Well Courtney reckons it looks yum and she would eat it? LOL!!! But other than that she has no idea.

Sue Denning said...


Without running the risk of offending you, I think that the cake is simply, a work of art and a true testament to a mother's love. (how's that for being diplomatic!). I'm sure that Ryan and the rest of the family enjoyed it because it looks scrummy. Happy 11th Birthday Ryan !!

Anonymous said...

Does he love the real banana spilts too?
I LOVE the Tshirt - "Homework Kills trees"... I know a boy in my family who would love that shirt too!
And then you go and out-do yourself with another cake! Super mum! Love the curly wurly ladders - perfect! You're amazing Kim!

luv bindi