Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mummy's Girls...

Mikayla was watching me intently today as I was making some birthday cards for my stash. She absolutely loves to do anything creative, so to be able to have a play with Mum's stuff is a really fun thing for her - and nice for me too! We decided to make a start on her christmas cards that she will give to her school friends. Jordyn also had to join in of course!! So here are my girls, stamping their 'art out...

Fun, fun, fun!!

My Jordy Pordy...

...and Mikayla

So we've had a lovely afternoon together stamping while the boys have wrestled and just been boys!!

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Karen said...

Hi Kim!!

Just saw your post on my blog (the big ugly flower peacock!!)and just HAD to ask - IS IT ON YOUR LIST YET! ROFLOL

I have many more people to convince yet I think, so I shall keep on tryin'! lol